Here are some of the exciting events and making activities to look forward to at MIT Maker Break!

  • Please note that you will need to register for the Joey (Individual) and Kangaroo (Group) competitions before April 17.
  • All of the other events are open for everyone and no registration is required for MIT Maker Break!

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Non-Competitive Maker Break Activities

3D Photo Booth

3D scanning is more accessible than ever. Model for a digital representation that you can send to your friends and have 3D printed after the event. Sponsored by Microsoft Garage.

Welding Pi

Contribute to a collaborative sculpture building at least the first thousand digits of pi! Become intimately familiar with a short sub-sequence by spot welding steel numerals, then add it to the growing chain, hundreds of feet long, on the main assembly. You can sign your work, and make it part of a long-term project to grow deeper and deeper into the irrational.

Build a Bike Light

Create a flashing rear bike light that you can attach to your bike, backpack, or helmet.  Learn to solder components to boards, wire them up and make a case from miscellaneous materials to make it both functional and attractive.  This activity involves fun, creativity and skill-building with electronics. Sponsored by MIT Edgerton Center.

Vinyl Cutting

Learn about the fast and easy rapid customization technique of vinyl cutting.  We’ll be making custom MIT and Maker Break vinyl stickers for you enhance your laptop, phone or whatever.

LN2 Ice Cream

What is cooler than ice cream?  Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen right before your very eyes.  See and taste the chilling effects of liquid nitrogen.


Origami is so beyond those beautiful origami cranes! Its applications have taken leaps and bounds from arts and crafts to medical applications and beyond. Come to work with paper and see what you make it to be!

Paper Airplane Contest

Fold and design your own airplane and see how far it will fly on our Maker Break runway. The winner for longest flight will be announced at the end of the day. Come and test out your flying skills!

Machine Autopsy

Ever wondered how a jigsaw works or what makes a vacuum suck?  You’ll have a chance to take apart and see the insides of a number of power tools and equipment.  

Will it Crush?

Camera lenses? Your dead phone? A hammer? A stack of plates? Your problem set? We’ll try and crush anything you bring with our hydraulic press!

Jewelry Making

What do crimps, jump rings, charms and beads have in common? You can create your own original jewelry with them! Come to work on your own exciting designs.

Candle Making

Create an original form in clay, duplicate an existing object, bring in a 3D print (200 cc max), or use one of ours and use moldmaking techniques to turn it into a candle.  

Delish Chocolate Brownie Break

Who doesn’t love warm brownies right out of the oven?  Cooking is making, so come create your own delicious dessert.

Machine Petting Zoo

Curious about laser cutting, want to see what a CNC mill is?  Come check out our collection of small maker machines in action that showcase additive and subtractive manufacturing.  You’ll even be able to get your own Maker Break 2018 challenge coin – supplies limited.

Button Making

Hand press your own 1” button at our button making station. They’ll be lots of designs to choose from or you can make your own.

Competitive Maker Break Activities

  • Please note that you will need to register for the Joey (Individual) and Kangaroo (Group) competitions before April 17.
  • All of the other events are open for everyone and no registration is required for MIT Maker Break!

Joey RC Car Tournament

Do you have what it takes to build the ultimate remote control car?  You’ll get a range of parts, from a radio and receiver to popsicle sticks and zip ties. Your goal is to build and race the course in the fastest time.  Speed alone won’t win it because you will have to overcome obstacles including the rumble zone, cone city and some surprises.

Suggested Making Experience: Some to ∞.

Team size:  1-2 people.

Build time: 1.5 hours.

Competition time: 1:30-2 PM.

Kangaroo Egg Throwing Catapult Competition

You may have built a Catapult or you may have done an Egg Drop competition, but you have never combined both. The Goal is to get an egg to travel from your Catapult to the farthest distance, without breaking it. Start by choosing a basic frame for your catapult from two options which you will build out with your own modifications, and an egg in a small plastic bag. Then, from a large array of materials you will design a protective device to keep your egg from breaking when it reaches its final destination – far, far away from your catapult (one hopes). Think pumpkin chucking without the squash.

Team size:  2-4 people.

Build/test time: 2 hours.

Competition time: 3-3:30 PM.

Pre-registration required.

Joey Rubber Band Car Tournament

It doesn’t take years of fabricating experience to build a rubber band powered car, but it’ll take genuine inventiveness to win this competition. Start with a kit of the parts you'll need to build a car powered by rubber bands: chassis, axles, wheels, rubber bands. Then you'll have to think your way through choosing from an assortment of materials and gadgets to help you win three different competitions: 1. Longest Distance, 2. Fastest, 3. King of the Hill tournament for the top 32 qualifiers. Simple, huh? Not so fast (well, unless you plan to win the speed competition). Sometimes the easiest things turn out to be the hardest. Sometimes the simplest are the best. Do you use the same design for all three? What changes? What's your strategy?

Suggested Making Experience: None to ∞.

Team size: Individual challenge.

Build/test time: 45 min.

Competition time: 12:45-1 PM.

Kangaroo BattleBots Competition

Usually teams spend months building their BattleBots, but you only have 150 minutes to design and build the ultimate robot fighting machine with the parts we provide.  Are you up for the challenge? Grab some friends, build your BattleBot and then compete in the box. Are you ready to rumble? You get to keep your BattleBot at the end, if there is anything left.

Suggested Making Experience: Some to ∞.

Team size:  4-5 people.

Build time: 2.5 hours.

Battle time: 3:30-4 PM.

Pre-registration required.